"Designing For Our Client's, Clients"
"Designing For Our Client's, Clients"

Fontana Pharmacy

The freestanding retail location covered 35,000 total square feet based on a two level store composed of a sales area of 10,806 sq.ft. ground level and a second level sales area of 13,397 sq.ft. 
The location was also created to support other services and destinations  including it’s first Starbucks location, Wendy’s fast-food, local services and Ice cream shop. 
EDG was commission to create a new flagship store concept for the main Jamaican pharmacy brand of Fontana. The prototype store was located in Kingston with future expansions planned for Montego Bay and Portmore. 
The new Flagship was created to be more than just a pharmacy, but as a local, cultural meeting place and destination. The key merchandise categories that would create and support the store were The Pharmacy + Beauty + Quick grocery on the ground floor and Home goods + Toys on second level. 
The store design and branding was created to celebrate the Jamaican flavor, bold color and encourage its heritage. Key merchandise zones, services and social spaces were established to create a relationship between the consumers, the community and the Fontana brand attributes. 
Design strategies applied:
  • Color area per department 
  • Modern design aesthetic 
  • Natural material tones 
  • Experience focal zones
  • Local artistic and artisan products application

Kingston Jamaica


Retail Strategy
Interior Design
Space Planning
Furnishing Design
Furniture Selection
Lighting Design
Fabrication Coordination
Construction Documentation
Construction Administration

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